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People Not Raining On My Parade

He’s been in the show for less then 8 minutes and I’m already 100% in love with Danny.

Just found-out why I was kinda confused by Firefly…seems Netflix decided to kinda just throw the episodes at the wall let them fall wherever they may and said “fuck it that’s the episode order” and while I still loved it I kept feeling like it was a bit to jumpy overall story-wise..guess the means rewatch?

I knew I loved to act and it was something I never wanted to have to say I didn’t try. I love transforming into a different world as a great escape, and I had to be a part of it.

i am selfish, i am brave,

i am  d i v e r g e n t.


heathers + musical numbers

Yo Girl
Veronica’s running on, running on fumes now
Veronica’s totally fine
Veronica’s gotta be trippin’ on shrooms now thinking that she can rhyme
Veronica’s done for, there’s no doubt now
Notify next of kin
Veronica’s trying to keep him out now
Too late, he got in